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January 15, 2011 03:03 AM EST

Skippered Charters Georgian Bay 2012 - Chart

Author: angusever. 5766 Reads
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  Skippered Charters – Georgian Bay  

1-12 GB -CHT

3 days liveaboard $250 (sgle)
Midland Fri-Sun June 16th - 17th Catalina 34
Women’s weekend spring tune up
2 berths

2-12 GB -CHT

14 days liveaboard $1199 per week (sgle)
Midland Fri-Sun Jul 8th – 23rd Catalina 34
North Channel flotilla One week legs available
2 berths

3-12 GB -CHT

7 days liveaboard $1299 (sgle)
Midland Fri-Sun Jul 21rd – 28th Catalina 34
Georgian Bay Regatta Cruising division
2 berths

4-12 GB -CHT

5 days liveaboard $949 (sgle)
Midland Mon – Fri Aug 13th – 18th Catalina 34
Skippered charter
2 berths

5-12 GB -CHT

2-7 days liveaboard skippered charters
Midland Catalina 34
Call to book your charter
4 berths

Contact us at (905) 895-8254 or toll free at (866) 895-8254

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